Intrinsic Motivation

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Social Studies

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Intrinsic Motivation

It is the internal drive to accomplish personal or self imposed goals for self gratification. It involves self regulations, self discipline and self rewarding.

-Promotes student growth and self regulation. -Helps the students achieve milestones on their own.-Provides a sense of confidence and security for the child

What is it?

Intrinsic Motivation

Why is it important ?

-By understanding their likes and dislikes, we can create activities to promote self-learning such as CHOICES.-Use their dreams as the primary motivator for their work. If they envision a future, they will work hard for it.

According to Jane Mount, students learn better when they have a purpose. As you saw in the video, Ron Clark uses milk and "self degradation" to motivate his students to learn grammar.

"Tell me and i forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn" Beanjamin Franklin



How can we motivate students?


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