Intolerance Around the World

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Intolerance Around the World

Intolerance Around the World

The Holocaust is known as the systematic persecution and murder of 6,000,000 Jews from the years 1933 to 1945. ~ Homosexuals, disabled people, socialists, gypsies, and Jehovah's witnesses were also killed totaling to the death of nearly 11 million people.~ Under the rule of Hitler, the Nazis (National Socialist German Worker's Party) also followed his Anti-Semitic beliefs.~ Not long after taking power, Hitler used his progaganda techniques to make the German people believe Jews were at fault for their economic downfall. He also believed the Jewish people were a blemish to his so-called "Aryan" race.~Jews were eventulaly separated into "Ghettos" and were required to wear the yellow star of David. The most famous ghetto was Warsaw, holding 400,000 Jews.~ Extermination and Concentration camps were set up in Europe to slay Jews in organized fashions. ~ The largest most infamous camp was Auschwitz. ~ 1.1 million Jews were murderd here. Mainly with the use of gas chambers.

~ The Cambodian genocide lasted roughly from the years 1975 to 1979.~ 1.7 Million Cambodians lost their lives, nearly 21% of the country's population.~ Pol Pot was the leader of the Khmer Rouge, a communistic regime.~ The U.S was stationed in and around Cambodia during the Vietnamese War, driving the Cambodians furthur into the lands and into the arms of the Khmer Rouge.~ Using guerilla tactics the Khumer Rouge, under Pol Pot's authority, killed innocent Cambodian citizens.~ Cambodians were killed in mass executions, tortured, starved, diseased, and forced into labor.~ Prison S-21 was an infamous secret prison under Khmer Rouge power. Here thousands of documents and photographs of Cambodian victims were kept hidden and catalouged. All taken by the soldiers as memorabilia.~ Pol Pot thrived to form an Agrarian utopia. A perfect, agriculture-based society.~ On April 17, 1975 Pol Pot's Khmer Rouge army seized control of Cambodia.~ The party’s existence was kept secret until 1977.~ The Viatnemese liberated the city in 1979.

by Hana BautaHonors English Period 1

Cambodian Victims

"Warsaw Ghetto Boy"

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The Holocaust


Personal Response

Our world is not perfect. These examples of "intoleance" all over the world have proven to us the true blemishes of society. These three horrific situations from the past, from a list of many, are similar in more ways than one. They all thrive from the difference of belief. They are all a form of oppression due to another's opinion. For instance, the Holocaust was caused due to Hitler's own marred views, along with Pol Pot in Cambodia, and King Jong Un in North Korea. They all strived to form their own perfect race, government, or utopia. However, interestingly enough, what I've also come to notice is that no matter how morally wrong someone is they will still gather a following. During the Holocaust nearly Several countries sided with the Hitler ' the Nazis. 72,248 troops joined the Khmer Rouge regime in Cambodia. This just comes to show that people strive to become part of a larger group, and are willing to conform to please their authority.

North Korea

~North Korea falls under a communistic totalatarian dictatorship.~King Jong Un currently has rule over North Korea, in succession of his father King Jong Il's death.~ The photo (right) shows just how isolated the North Korean country is from the rest of the world.~ North Korean people live in poverty, are cut off from their own beliefs ' are required to conform.~ All media and publications are state controlled, and unauthorized access to non-state radio or TV broadcasts is punished. ~ North Korea’s criminal code specifies that a death penalty can be applied for offenses such as “crimes against the state” and “crimes against the people.”~A total of 2.8 million people have starved to death at last count at the end of 1997.

Satellite View of North Korea at Night


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