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My Childhood Summers:My mom was a preschool director working at a Christian preschool which also had a kid summer camp for kids from elementary school to sixth grade. I spent many summers with there and formed close bonds with people I am still in contact with today. I still remember the old, smelly van taking us to and from the Hillsborough County Park pool, bowling alleys, movies, and even MOSI. I cherish those times. Once I got too old for this summer camp but still too young to stay at home on my own, I went to the Thonotosassa Park summer camp. Although I did not form close bonds with the kids there I still enjoyed the time I spent there. The crowd was much more diverse and therefore I learned how to interact with different types of people. I learned who I was as a person in those two summers.

1) Introduce your context for the alternative field experience2)Reflect on your own summer experiences as a child

Why I selected this site

Where I am working

What dates I will be working

Instruction Summary

EDE: Alt Field Experience

Rebecca Stone


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This summer for my alternative field experience I will be volunteering at The Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI)

I will be at MOSI starting July 9. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will be there from 9-12:30 and Thursday 12:30-4.

I selected this site due to its close proximity to my home. I also chose MOSI because of its prestigious science program. I feel as though I have not gained as much knowledge about teaching science to elementary students as I would like and I hope this experience helps me to become more confident.



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