Into The Wild(imagery, themes and symbols)

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Into The Wild(imagery, themes and symbols)

Imagery:Imagery is used throughout the book, explaining the lovely Alaskan frontier along with the roads and trails Chris traveled to get there. One example of imagery from the book is found in chapter twelve, "Between the flinty crests of the two outermost escarpments of the Outer Range runs an east-west trough, maybe five miles across, carpeted in a boffy amalgam of muskep, alder thickets, and veins of scrawny spruce.Theme:A reoccuring theme in the book is Chris trying to find himself. Although he loved the thrill of adventure, the trip to Alaska was mainly for himself to be alone with his thoughts and learn who he was. In the book it says, "McCandless went into the wilderness not primarily to ponder nature or the world at large but, rather, to explore the inner country of his own soul."Another theme that is brought up frequently was how tired Chris was with the world. At one part, a friend of Chris said, "Sometimes he tried too hard to make sense of the world, to figure out why people were bad to each other so often. ”It is mentioned continually throughout the book. Another passage saying, "McCandless was thrilled to be on his way north, and he was relieved as well—relieved that he had again evaded the impending threat of human intimacy, of friendship, and all the messy emotional baggage that comes with it."Symbols:One out of many symbols in the book is when Chris burns his money. After a flash flood with his car stuck, Chris decided to leave his car there and continue on foot. He then burns his money, "He arraged all his paper currency in a pile on the sand-a pathetic little stack of ones and fives and twenties-and put a match to it. One hundred twenty-three dollars in legal tender was promptly reduced to ash and smoke." This was a symbol of leaving everything of the world and all of its baggage behind.

Into The Wild

Into The Wild(The Movie)


What does that mean?

1) Imagery: Visually descriptive or figurative language, esp. in a literary work.2) Theme: The message or point the author is trying to get across to the reader.3) Symbol: A thing that represents or stands for something else.

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