Into the Wild - Chapters 10 and 11

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Into the Wild - Chapters 10 and 11

Into the Wild - Chapters 10 and 11

Date Unknown – It looks like I changed quite a bit over the last two years of my life although I didn’t realize it. All I knew was that I didn’t want to be molded into mainstream America and I had no respect for authority. I didn’t allow myself to get too emotionally attached to people, except my sister. Things would have been a lot different if I had.

"King of the Road"By: Roger Miller

“Her son, the teenage Tolstoyan, believed that wealth was shameful, corrupting, inherently evil—which is ironic because Chris was a natural-born capitalist with an uncanny knack for making a buck.” (page 115)“Nobody anticipated that the journey would be the first in a series of extended transcontinental adventures. Nor could anyone in his family have foreseen that a chance discovery during this initial journey would ultimately turn him inward and away, drawing Chris and those who loved him into a morass of anger, misunderstanding, and sorrow.” (page 116)

“Nuance, strategy, and anything beyond the rudimentaries of technique were wasted on Chris. The only way he cared to tackle a challenge was head-on, right now, applying the full brunt of his extraordinary energy. And he was often frustrated as a consequence.” (page 111)“Chris just didn’t like being told what to do. I think he would have been unhappy with any parents; he had trouble with the whole idea of parents.” (page 115)

Chapter 10 – While people he met on the road were certain of his identity, Chris’s own family remained unaware of his death. I still believe Chris knew he was not coming back and if he was stranded at the abandoned bus for 3 months, then it looks as though that was as far as he had gotten. With no one around to help him, he was unable to help himself.

Chapter 11 – The mystery of Chris’s family has revealed itself. His parents are decent, hard-working people who do not ignore their children. They worked for their wealth and made a good life for their children without spoiling them and turning them into elitists. As a teenager, Chris did not like being told what to do. What teenager does? Whatever it is that made Chris abandon his family did not come from his parents.



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