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THE INTIMIDATOR#3 Dale EarnhardtSeven Time NASCAR ChampionApril 29, 1951- February 18, 2001

Dale's Daytona 500 winDale won the Daytona 500 only once in 1998 after 19 years of trying and two white flag last lap failures. All the crews came out on to pit road to congradulate Dale on a long overdue victory.

Dale Earnhardt EnterprisesDale not only drove race cars he also was a team owner along with his wife Teresa. She managed DEI daily operaions and marketing. They were the first to copyright their brand and identity

Richard Childress RacingRichard Childress was a race car driver who became a team owner. He and Dale teamed up in 1979 for part of a season. Richard recognized Dales driving talent but did not have the race team or car yet to be consistantly successful dispite the strong finishes they achieved that year. They parted ways but In 1984 their partnership became permanent. They became best friends and they exchanged technical and information between the race teams of RCR and DEI. This partnership made these race teams and their drivers very good. Their success on the restrictor plate traces at Daytona, Talledega and Atlanta were legendary.

#8 Dale Earnhardt Jr.two time Daytona 500 winner 2004 ' 2014

TalladegaTalledega Motor Speedway is one the fastest "Super Speedways" in the NASCAR circuit. The engines use restrictor plates to keep the speeds below 200 MPH so drafting partners and fuel strategy are very important in this race. Dale was the master of "the draft" by teaming up with other drivers he could make a two or more cars go faster together than the "pack". This phenomenom uses the combination of displaced air and vacuum to actually push the combined group of cars faster down the track. Dale Earnhardt won the most with ten victories at Talledega ! His last one on October15, 2000 was his 76th carerr victory. It would be his last.

#15 Micheal Waltriptwo time Dayton 500 winner2001, 2003

7 time NASCAR Champion1980, 1986, 1987, 1990, 1991, 1993, 1994Dale Earnhardt is tied with Richard Petty with 7 Championships!Dale's aggressive driveing style made him popular with fans but did not go well with other NASCAR drivers. He started with nicknames like "Iron head" that spoke to his early wreckless disregard for other drivers. As Dale became a NASCAR icon and ambassador for racing the name "Intimadator" stuck. His number three black Chevrolet was a car to be reconed with when seen in the rearview mirror of his competitors. Dale was born on April29, 1951 in Kannopolis North Carolina, the heartland of dirt and asphalt racing. He was married three times and had four children two who went on in to racing careeres(Kerry, Junior) His final marriage to Teresa was a strong partnership both personally and in business.

#8 Ralph EarnhardtFebruary 23, 1928-September 26,1973Ralph Earnhardt built and raced cars in the Grande National Race Series ( The predessesor to NASCAR) He developed many technical innovations to racing like the use of tire stagger to help a car turn tighter in the corners. This is still used by race teams to this day. Dale spent many of his formative years as a child learning about all the aspects of how a race car is made and the fine art of tweaking it to get the best performace out of the car. Ralp's best finish in NASCAR was a second place finish at Hickory Speedway in 1956 . Ralph died due to a heart attack in 1973 which he suffered while at the family home while working on his race car in the garage. Dale Jr. used the his #8 in his memory.

"We have lost Dale"- Mike HeltonDaytona 500 February 18,2001While running in third place in the final turn on the last lap at the Daytona 500 Dale Earnhardt was killed after getting wrecked and hitting the outside wall at over 180 MPH. His two drivers Micheal Waltrip and son Dale Jr. finished first and second. He owned both cars. The victory celebration was cut short as the news spread at what first seemed to be a minor accident became a fight for his life. Dale was rushed to the Halifax Medical Center where he was pronounced dead due to a basal skull fracture.

Dale Earnhardt's LegacyThe Dale Earnhardt Legacy Foundation is a fund that is used for philanthropic endevours for the farming and education education system. Dale believed in giving back to his community and fans. His endowments have saved farmers their land from forclosure or secured better equipment for them to be more successful. He always quietly lent a hand never seeking publicity. He believed in a strong education system to give kids a future. Shomething that was instilled in him from his father Ralph which he intern expected of his own children. His donations and investments can be seen all over the county.

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