Interviewing a Materials Engineer

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Interviewing a Materials Engineer

A Materials Engineer is a person who construct new material by combing molecules together. They use computers to replace the characteristics of other material.


Question: What type of degree(s) are needed to be a material engineer?Answer : You will need a bachelors degree in either science or engineering and work experience.


Question : How did engineering interest you ?Answer : As a child Maeling Tapp loved breaking things apart and puting them back together again . She was eagered to learn. When she was in middle school , she loved the subjects science and math. In highschool she relized that putting stuff together using science and math was actually a career called engineering. She went to engineering programs to persue her dreams.

Material EngineerInterviewing :(Maeling Tapp)By:Chyna Thompson


Question: What advice would you give to a person who wants to be an engineer?Answer: If you love solving problems using math and science you should learn about engineering. Contact people that might lead you to that path and never give up on your dreams.

Question: What obstacles occured when you were trying to persue your dreams?Answer: Maeling Tapp said the obstacle she had to overcome was some of her classes were difficult . Some of her tips were to stay focused and asked for help.

Question: Who motivated you to become a material engineer ?Answer: A woman named Ms. Laughinghouse motivated her to work in the Material engineering field .

Question: How much does a Material Engineer make in a year.Answer: A Material Engineers salary is about 71,940 a year


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