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Interview Project

InterviewShintaro Doan is a student at Tennoji High School. His favorite sport is baseball and he belongs to a baseball club. His favorite singer is Miwa, a Japanese singer-songwriter, and he also listens to Arashi, AKB48, Kyary-pamyu pamyu, and Sekai No Owari. His favorite TV show is Music Station, where he listens to many American singers including Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.Masaru Hayakawa is also in his first year at Tennoji High School. He too plays baseball. His school day is very busy. He studies Japanese, math, English, science, social studies, P.E. and Home Ec. His favorite foods are sushi, udon, and takoyaki, and he would recommend these foods to any foreinger traveling to Japan. According to Masaru, the cultural traditions that foreigners in Japan should be aware of are the use of chopsticks and tatami. One should also remember to remove their shoes before entering a home.

Interview Project

by Andrew Adams

Using the LINE App,I interviewed Shintaro Doan and Masaru Hayakawa, two students from Tennoji High School in Osaka, Japan.


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