Interview a Professional Project #13

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Interview a Professional Project #13

How long have you worked for TELUS and are their any concerns you have about it?

He has worked for 26 and a half years and his concern is the company likes to outsource work. When the company outsources work your pay and benefits are reduced and therefore you have to work longer or have two jobs to make up for it.Some jobs that you like and have worked for along time in, you learn there might be lots of problems with the job like my dad did. This is why I asked this question. I wanted to know what problems TELUS had that he founded out about after being in the company for 26 and a half years. This told me there were bad problems that he did not like and after all these years just because there were problems he stayed and still loves it. He did not let the problems bother him that much, since it did not affect his job, but still made him upset and want to do something about it.



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