Interpersonal factors

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Interpersonal factors


*Motivation- Motivation refers to a force within a person which gives rise to certaion actions.- These actions may arise as a result of an intrinstic motivation to achieve a specific goal, or they may be forced actions which arise merely as a results of extrinsic (exterinsic motivation).

* Self Concept- Self concept refers to the determine of individuals' self esteem and it could take on a positive or negative dimension depending on the specific context within which they find themselves.- The experience of self is, in turn, closely related to sucess or failure orientation.


* Personality-Personality refers to a variety of characteristic features of people as they are displayed in their interaction with themselves and with others.- These mental, social and moral features determine all actions, including the thinking process.- Specific personality features which may influence the development of thinking include emotional stability, oppurtunism, self-assurance, individualism and discipline.

* Values- Values refer to what is important to a person that which makes life meaningful and humane.- The following groups of values are important within context of thinking develoment : Self-realisation values (self respect, independence and idealism), interaction values (respect, empathy and co-operation) and work values (honesty, fairness and loyalty.


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