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Teacher Prep 1:1

Planning:Rockingham County Schools is going 1:1 in January, and most of our staff at RCHS is in need of training to prepare going 1:1 , I planned with my adminstration a plan of 7 sessions to help staff feel more comfortable about going 1:1

Session1: Teachers discussed their concerns about going 1:1 and we talked about the positives of going 1:1.

Session 2: We discussed how technology is a tool we can use just like our other teaching tools, not a be all end all device. Teachers are still a bit apprehensive, but are coming to terms with going 1:1 and starting to gain ideas.

Session 3: Collaboration, working with their departments and helping each other plan can be very beneficial especially with our LMS, Canvas. More teachers are getting on board with going 1:1.

Adminstrators have decided to postpone going 1:1 until August. 10 sets of Chromebooks will be awarded in a grant to teachers. We have over 20 apply, that leaves 10 very unhappy and frustrated teachers.

Session 4: Teachers have been Intel trained and work together to build more project based lessons and integrate technology. This session is done through our LMS, Canvas.

Session 5: We discussed copyright and classroom managment through our LMS, Canvas. Teachers felt relieved their classroom mangament is not altered very much and feel more confident about discipline with going 1:1.

Sesson 6:Some teachers are upset that we are not going 1:1, and others are cheering very loudly. We work on designing our Classroom Acceptable Use Policy. We discuss items they might want to address with their students such as headphones.

Session 7:With adminstration help we have edited our School Acceptable Use Policy to include policies for students' 1:1.Moral is not good at the school and there is a divide between grant receivers and those who did not.

Post Sessions:As an ITS, I was very excited about these sessions I had planned and had gotten more than 50% of the staff on board. After the decision to postpone, I currently have only about 25% of staff who are still excited about going 1:1 in August. This has been a learning process and coming from Elementary, I have realized atleast in my county that High School has been left alone and not required to do much as far as technology. I am still helping people log on to our network, save files, etc. While I could go on and on, I think I learned a lot about politics, a lot about people, and a lot about myself. Hopefully my staff will see the usefulness of the sessions when we do implement 1:1 fully.



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