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Jenny McMillanGaston CohortGaston County SchoolsFifth Grade TeacherSupervisor: Sara Moore, principal

Math Fun Using Smartboards

Group Members:Leah Allen, Amanda Beaty, Beverly Mellette, and I met weekly to discuss our progress and to encourage each other.

My internship involved creating smartboard lessons that addressed the new Common Core standards that are being implemented in the 2012-13 school year. I chose this as my internship because all teachers in Gaston County received Smartboards in the 2010-2011 school year. Each teacher received training on how to use the Smartboard, and this intersnship would reinforce that training and help me to get better at creating better and better lessons. This internship also allowed me to become very familiar with the new Common Core curriculum. The Smartboard lessons I created are all interactive, engaging and purposeful, and the lessons will provide the students with a fun way to learn math.

Reflection:This internship was a valuable experience for me. The many hours I put into creating the Smart lessons has allowed me to become very comfortable with the Smart software. Even though I had participated in the training provided by the county during the spring and fall of 2011, I still was not as comfortable as I should be in my ability to create lessons that would excite the students. I am so confident now! I used some of my lessons with my students and they loved them. What better way to measure the success of my lessons!Another benefit of this internship was the knowledge I gained on the new Common Core standards. Attending the three two hour meetings provided by the county and additional training at my school, I was able to research and study the new fifth grade standards. This allowed me to create meaningful and purposeful interactive smartboard lessons that I will be proud to share with other Gaston County teachers.This internship also allowed me to move from being a digital immigrant to a digital native. I am no longer behind the younger teachers.

Leadership: This internship allowed me to take a leadership role because I am able to answer questions my teammates have about the new Common Core Standards that will become effective next school year. I am able to help other teachers if they have a questions about the Smart software. Creating the Smartboard lessons allows me to be a leader because I will be able to share them with other teachers who may not have the time to create them, and it will be a tremendous help to them. This internship was definitely a very valuable experience in my role as a teacher leader in my school.

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