Six Classroom Uses of the Internet

by JillianHinesley
Last updated 7 years ago

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Six Classroom Uses of the Internet

Video calling that brings the world to your classsroom, and your classroom to the world!Technology: Video CallingModel Lesson:

Six Classroom Uses of the InternetJillian Hinesley IDT7064

Watch the Tutorial:

Publish student work and watch it come to life! Share with and receive feedback from the world!Technology: PublishingCheck out a Flipbook on Pronouns!

Provide students with the space to practice writing, create a portfolio, and a forum for reflective discussions!Technology: Blog (And a very private one at that!)Over 3,000,000 students use Kidblog. See how and why here:

Social writing platform that engages students in classroom workspace!Technology: Collaborative Learning CommunityWatch the Model Lesson and See What They Offer:

Connect students through a social network filled with discussion, ideas, and people around the world! Technology: Social NetworkingDo students have a question about the #solarsystem you can't answer? Follow NASA and ask an expert!


Engage students in videos relevant to their learning. Then, encourage them to produce their own!Technology: Online Learning/VideosWatch how teachers use Youtube to demonstrate States of Matter:


Student Productions


Class/Student profile can be modified for privacy!

Great for Exit Passes and Timely Feedback!

Visit here to see how other teachers use Flipsnacks!

Learing digital citizenship doesn't hurt either!



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