Internet Scavenger Hunt Presentation

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Internet Scavenger Hunt Presentation

One Historical Event That Happened on myBirthday.Who Was PresidentWhen I Was Born.Apollo 12 Blasted off for the moon from Cape Kenedy, Florida.George W. Bush Was President.

Christopher'sInternet Scavenger Hunt Presentation

What Was the Weather Like the Day I Was Born.Three Interesting Facts About my Birthday.Temperature: 57 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit.1. My birthstone is topaz.2. My birth flower is a chrysanthemum.3. My sign of Zodiac is a scorpio.

A Famous PersonWho Shares My Birthday.What Day Was I Born.How Many Days Old am I.Fred Haise 1933- Engineer former NASA astronaut. Rode on Apollo 13.I was born on a Wendesday. Wednesday means full of woe.I am 5083 days old.

A Holiday That is on my Birthday.Fun Facts About Texas.The Most Popular Names the Year I Was Born.Loosen up, Lighten up Day is a holiday on my birthday.Texas is the Lone Star State. The Lightning whelk is the state shell.Male is JacobFemale is Emily

One Historical MusicalEven That Happened on my Birthday.Top Song Hits That Hppened on my Birthday.Number One Movie And Gas Price When I Was Born.Composer Friedrich Wilhelm Zachhow was born.Thank You-Dido was the top song on my Birthday.Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone. Gallon of gas is $11.50.

My ChristmasMy favorite part of Christmas is spending time with my family. My favorite food in Christmas is my Grandma's homemade yeast rolls. To me Christmas means giving and having fun.


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