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Internet Safety

Know the difference!

Prevent Yourself From Trouble!1) Don't post pictures of youself to any website2) Don't share any personal information about yourself online, this includes your contact information, age, gender, or address3) Don't talk to people over the internet unless you are positive you know who this person is, and are friends with them outside of the internet4) Don't fall for posts promising money or prizes for personal information

Statistics show..65% of online criminals use the victims' social media to discover the victims' information in order to find them.Only 1/3 of households with Internet access are actively protecting their children with filtering inappropriate or dangerous websites.75% of children are willing to share personal information online about themselves and their family in exchange for goods and services.- this is not safe!

Sometimes when online, you may not be talking to the person you think you are...

Internet Safety

Posting the wrongs things can prevent you from colleges and jobs...Many people don't realize it, but both jobs and colleges search their applicants online, and can sometimes see the things people post.When someone posts something that isn't so appropriate or nice, they reconsider hiring/ accepting that person, so don't post anything you don't want these people to see!

Posting the Wrong things could get you in trouble...For example:1)Swimmers at Louisiana State were recently rude to coaches on Facebook and were kicked off the team2) Many teenages each year are suspended or expelled due to online photos3) Police every year arrest criminals because they post about their crimes.

Dangers Of Others

Dangers you pose to yourself

People to look out for

"Internet trolls" are people who go online simply to annoy people, dislike posts, start arguements, and be plain mean for really no reson but to entertain themselves. They usually mean no serious harm, so just simply ALWAYS ignore them, if you show signs of being upset, they have won and will keep annoying you.

"Internet Predators" are people who go on the internet for all the wrong reasons. These people go on the internet to find victims for their crimes, and often lie about who they are . Never talk to someone you don't know over the internet, and don't let strangers follow you on social media.

Prevent Yourself From Trouble!1)Make your profile private so that strangers can’t look at your information, and be cautious about adding new friends who you do not personally know.2)Take down any questionable photos Give it the “Grandma Test.” If you wouldn’t want your grandmother to see it, then you don’t want other adults to either. 3) Don’t get a false sense of security on social media sites. It’s easy for faculty and random people to get on and look at the information you have posted4) Never post a questionable picture of your friends, either, and never let them post one of you.


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