Internet Safety Quiz Review

by MissGarza
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Internet Safety Quiz Review

Use a strong password.Don't use same password for all accounts.Don't share password with anyone else.Don't use PRIVATE information in password.Use number, letters and symbols in password

Private Information that should not be shared with anyone:--Telephone number--Address--Social Security Number--Credit Card Number--Mother's Maiden Name--Password

Private vs. Personal Information

Personal Information that is okay to share with others:--Age--Gender--Siblings--Favorite Band--Favorite Food--Pets--Opinions

Use 8 or more characters.Don't use obvious sequences (123 or abc)Don't use repeated characters (9999, bbbb)Don't let other people watch you type in your password. Okay to ask him/her to look away!


Internet Safety NotesFor Quiz


  • MissGarza 10 years ago

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    all students: please make sure to make a comment on this glog to show me that you reviewed it before the quiz!
    Thanks. Miss Garza

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