Internet Safety for Children

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Internet Safety for Children

Internet Safety for Children

In a Dept. of Justice Report from 2003:1 in 7 kids, 10 to 17 years old, were sexually solicited online70% of these solicitations happen on a home computer with the remaining most often happening at a friend’s home.49% of the children surveyed did not tell anyone about being solicited. (main reason given for not telling… “I was afraid they would take my computer away”)

We must also remember that “online” is much more than spending time on the computer. Now smart phones and even video games are completely connected to the outside world. Parents must understand that if the ability exists for communication with children, predators are there.

According to the FBI, there are an estimated 50,000 predators online at any given moment, all looking for potential victims.

As parents we need to be attentive of what your child is doing online. There are 3 billion people online around the worlds.

Parents need to enforce protection to our children over the internet.

Keeping children safe in these days is harder than years before. Technology is in our children’s hands at all time. They are the digital natives.

If you as an adult noticed something strange with a child’s behavior. No doubt ask what's wrong. Remember children keep silence when something is bothering them.

TALK to your kids about the dangers that exist online and make sure they know that they can tell you if anyone has made them feel uncomfortable.

By gaining their TRUST you are saving your child’s life from a man or woman with bad intentions.

A family with trust and communication is a happy and a safe family!!!

So parents remember the statistics. Don't judge them; instead, love them no matter what.


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