Internet Safety & Acceptable Usage

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Internet Safety & Acceptable Usage


Internet Safety & Acceptable Usage


Dos 1. Curate from a variety of sources. 2. Be mindful of image copyright.3. Add your own commentary.Don'ts1. Don't use the same original titles.2. Don't forget to attribute to the original creator.

Dos1. Give credit to the original author of the book, newspaper article, etc.2. Use quotation marks when using an exact quote on your school assignment.3. Paraphrase and summarize what you read.Don'ts1. Don't steal the author's work.2. Don't forget to give credit to the author for any quotes, images, or even ideas you use.3. Don't copy and paste from a website.4. Don't have someone else (like a sibling or parent) write any part of your paper for you; that is also using someone else's work but your own.

Dos1. Ask for help. 2. Try to avoid the places where you are.3. Save all the bullying evidences.4. Let the harassers know that their actions are annoying you.5. Let them know that their actions are liable to prosecution by law in case the harassment persists.6. Put your will to report the offence on record.7. Take legal actions if the harassment, at this point, hasn’t stopped.Don'ts1. Don’t ever yield to provocations. 2. Don’t make presumptions.3. Don't tell the person too much about you; the more that person knows about you, the more vulnerable you are.



PARENTS,Click on these pictures to learn more about these issues:

Click here for Before He Cheats Parody Video on plagiarism

PARENTS & KIDS,Check out these videos for more information on plagiarism and cyber-bullying!

PARENTS,Click on the paperclip for an Internet Safety Contract to review/sign with your child.


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