[2015] Angel Strickland (BIM 6): Internet Safety

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[2015] Angel Strickland (BIM 6): Internet Safety

Internet Safety

CyberbullyingCyberbullying is just one thing that can happen if your not aware about Internet safety. Just because cyberbullying happens online and not in person, doesnt mean that it isn't real or that it doesn't hurt the victom. Stop. There is no need to hurt people.

Cyber SafetyBeing safe is very important when your online. You don't know who is on the other side of a chat. They can say things that may seem true. Don't do anything they say or listen to them without an adult beside you first.

Listen and LearnFollowing rules of the Internet may seem silly and might make you not want to do them, but they where made to help you stay safe on the Internet. Listen and learn for other peoples' experinces and try to do better or the same.

Stay safe!

Stop bullying!

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