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American Authors - Best Day Of My Life

Indie music is one of my favorite genres of music! Indie music has such a large variety of genres from indie pop to indie rock to indie folk there are many kinds to choose from! Indie music uses every instrument under the sun. Indie music was created by the artist the way they wanted, nothing was off that table. Indie is a shortened version of Independent, it was created in the 1950 – 60’s but did not become popular till the 80’s. Indie band’s/ Artists broke the bounders that all other artists and recording company’s were afraid to break. This lead to them not being picked up by most recording company’s and not making much money. Indie music has however started to catch on in the past few years but still does not have that large of a following compared to pop or rock. Some of the most know Indie bands today are American Authors, The 1975, F.U.N, and Bastille.Link to American Authors music video.

Opera music has been around longer then you! Well at least I hope! Opera music was created/ started at the end of the 16th century. The term “ Opera “ comes from the Latin word “opus” or “work”. The famous saying “It ain’t over till the fat lady sings” is from Wagner’s Ring Cycle Operas. Opera is almost always backed up by a full orchestra, if not it is instrumental. Some of the most popular operas to this day are Carmen, La Bohé, ll Baebiere di Siviglia, and Don Giovanni. Even though all of these operas were created way before the year 2000 these are still the most popular operas in the year 2014.

Carmen ~ Opera

Link to "Carmen ~ Opera"


R ' B also know as soul or blues, Was created in the 20th century and has its origins in the secular folk music of black American culture. The term “ R ' B” “Rhythm and Blues” was created by “Jerry Wexler” when editing the charts on the Billboard Magazine in 1947. R ' B is so well know for it’s a expression through the music and instruments the bending of guitar strings or the hums in the back round or the electric key board. Some of the most popular R ' B artiste are Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, James Brown, and one of the newest Beyonce.

Aretha Fraklin ~ Respect

WEEK 3FAVORITE STYLE ~ Broadway Showtunes ~

Broadway show tunes are the baseline for a Broadway musical. Broadway has been around since the early 1900s,which means Broadway show tunes and Broadway composers have also been around since the early 1900s too. Great Broadway composers like Andrew Lloyd Weber, Alan Menken, and Rogers and Hammerstein are responsible for some of your favorite Broadway show tunes. Some of the most recognizable Broadway show tunes are All That Jazz, I Dreamed a Dream, Defying Gravity, and Memory. These song have been the basis to some of the popular Broadway shows. Some of these songs, shows, and composers works still open on Broadway every night, still to this day.

1983 Tony Awards ~ Cat's The Musical

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