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Internet Privacy


Mobile banking is a relatively new banking service that is rapidly gaining popularity with consumers and businesses. More than half of the 100 largest banks in the United States offer mobile banking and approximately 19 million U.S. households use this service. Analysts estimate use of mobile banking will continue to grow, potentially expanding to 38 million households by the end 2015. However, with more widespread use comes the potential for increased fraud that could harm financial institutions and customers.


Did you know?

By scanning characteristics of your body, a computer can figure out who you are, where you've been, and what you're doing. These computers, partnered with the proliferation of cameras, has made your identity a commodity to be captured, held, bought, and sold without your permission. Acceptance of universal surveillance is now the default setting for our expectations on privacy, and that’s a very bad thing.Facebook recently revealed that their newest recognition technology is pretty good at figuring out who you are even if it can't see your face. Retailers are tracking your shopping habits through your cell phone when you step through the door. And last month, nine privacy and civil liberties advocacy groups withdrew from a series of federally-mediated discussions on facial recognition after coming to the conclusion that participating companies were unwilling to voluntarily concede even a bare minimum of privacy control.

Social Media

Responsible Social Media & Social NetworkingPersonal blogs, message boards, social media and social networking sites, and more... These online venues and resources are both a blessing and a curse for businesses large and small, with a myriad of benefits and potential hazards for employers and employees alike. Social media and networking sites, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, have become increasingly popular venues to post opinions and network with friends and colleagues online. However, just one inappropriate comment, tweet, text, or post could instantly bring a range of legal liabilities and unforeseen consequences for both employees and their employers. These consequences can include a damaged reputation and damaged business relationships, negative publicity, lawsuits, loss of customer trust, and a loss of business or opportunity. An organization’s success relies on all employees understanding these risks and acting with integrity and responsibility when using social media.


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