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Internet Gaming

This game is also wildly popular in the teen and adult generation. In this game you kill dragons and chickens, and maybe some sheep that wont move out of your way. This game is also wildly popular, not just for the many quests, but the glitches. They became so popular due to a mistake in the game, but soon gained more glitches due to the uprise of populaity. This game can be found in stores but needs internet to do more activities.

There are many Internet games that many people use today and have lots of fun playing. Many go from bought online to bought in stores. One example of a online bought game is Minecraft. This game is wildly popular in the world due to the ability to do anything you want with out limitations.

Internet Gaming


World of WarCraft is another popular game, even going out to three games with their own commercials. This game is bought online.

Farmville is a Online game played by many and hated by others. Farmville is a game to grow crops and visit your friend's crops. You can tend to each others crops. This game can be found on Facebook with some others.