Internal road BEFORE upgrade, 2016 - Vanessa Ko

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Internal road BEFORE upgrade, 2016 - Vanessa Ko


There are multiple cracks, potholes and draining issues on the internal road. This can cause safety hazards for many people, because you can easily trip and hurt yourself badly. This effects the accesisbiltiy on the internal road, which makes walking on the internal road dangerous and inaccessible

Many students like to gather and talk over lunch. And because of the very very limited seating arrangements, many people sit on the floor. But even the benchs and tables are usually filled with bird poo or leaves. This effects the sociability and comfort on the internal road, because people wouldn't want to sit on the uncomfortable bitumen or seats.

At our school we don't use hats, so we need shade to protect us from the sun. Unfortunately the internal road lacks shade. Students do not want to sit on the hot burning road, so non shaded areas aren't inviting to people. This means that the internal road is lacking comfort, because of the minimum shade

There are several places on the internal road, where paint chippings appear. This makes the internal road look less attractive, which welcomes an unfinished vibe for the school's reputation. Because of this, the internal road is lacking image.

Our school happens to have a lot of stairs. But majority not provide wheelchair ramps. Making it really unaccessible for students with wheelchairs or serious injuries. This means our internal road is lacking 'use' to people with disabilities.



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