Interior Lake Archaeological Site

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Interior Lake Archaeological Site

Interior Lake Site

The Interior Lake site is situated on an inland lake in the central Upper Peninsula. The site was discovered in 1996 as part of an archaeological survey sponsored by the Hiawatha National Forest. Test excavations were conducted at the site in 2000.

The archaeological testing indicated that the Interior Lake site was used as a hunting and fishing camp by Native Americans between 400 and 900 years ago (Late Woodland Period).

Cody Henderson & Natalie Sloggett - ANT 111

The remains of at least 9 pots have been found. A variety of stone tools were found including arrowheads and tools used for cutting, scraping, and grinding. A variety of animal bones were also found. The artifacts and bones indicate that moose and beaver were hunted at the site and at least one pike was caught at the site. Late Woodland sites on inland lakes are often thought to have been fall & winter camps. This indicates ice fishing may have occurred here.

Source: Michigan Anthropological Society Report by Sean Durham


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