Interior Design and ASD

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Oral Communication

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Interior Design and ASD

Interior Design and Autism Spectrum Disorder

The Cove in Paradise, CA

Kijeong Jeon

Fiber Optics

Pink Room


Definitions...Autism Spectrum Disorder- a group of developmental disorders that cause emotional detachment and impairs communication and social interaction. Fiber Optics- the transmission of light through transparent fibers, as in the form of pulses for the transmission of data or communications, or through fiber bundles for the transmission of images.Snoezelen- is a controlled multisensory environment (MSE) which is a therapy for people with autism or developmental disabilities.

"Eliminating Distractions" by Myler, Patricia A., Fantacone, Thomas A., and Merritt, Edwin T.An article that describes the several design issues for autism education facilities and how much visual and aural stimulation is in the design of the facilities.

Interview Questions with Rouben Mohiuddin1. How do you use writing in your day to day life as an Interior Designer? Emails correspondance with clients and professional consultants. Writing proposals and contracts for services.2. What types of writing do you assign to students?Creative thinking exercises, word diagrams, deconstruction of definitions, abstracts, concept statements, program statements and case study research.3. As a professional what types of writing so you use, and how is it similar to or different than student writing?The difference is that I have professional liability as an architect.4.example of your writing? refer to my website: www.designsi.net5. Is there a specific format that you follow/ special components?project specific, formats may vary6. What kind of skills would be needed for successful writing?Efficient, proper grammer, vocabulary and punctuation.7. What are common mistakes and pet peeves in student and professional writing?Typically student proposals are not built.8.What is your preferred style guide?MLA9. What types of research is preformed?Case study and field studies.

Kijeon Jeon's Lecture on Interior Design and COVE


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