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intergrated studies

The Thorny devilscary name right


The thorny devil is found in the dry scrubland and desert in central Australia

The female thorny devils are larger than the males.The thorny devils colour matchs the desert with it'pale brown and orange. On the back of their head there is a hump so predators go for the hump i stead of the real head



How long is the thorny devil ? I can answer that, it is about 20cm long.

in the hotest part of the day the thorny devil builds a shallow burrow to get coolAs the horned lizard and he thorny devil also eat ants.

Special Features

Life cycle

After mating in September female thorny devils lay 3-10 eggs in a burrow approximatley 30cm underground. The eggs hatch after about 3 months


Male/Female- differences

The thorny devil is slightly related to the horned lizard by its spikey horns

One thing that is different about males and females are that the females are a bit larger

Threats /references

When the thorny devil travels on roads it is mistaken to be a stick or a twig*** devil*

Migration patterns/travels

Usually the thorny devils are on the roads in the early morning or late afternoons.


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