Intercultural Communication

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Intercultural Communication

Interview #2Seeing pass someones gender is the first step towards understanding how to communicate become communication can become hectic when focusing on only a persons sex. Some information may be withheld. -Shaun Kingston

Understanding CultureCulture impacts the ways which people communicate as well the strategies they use to communicate. The different life experiences people have based on cultures norms affect the interpretation they have of messages delivered by others.Different Common Culture Terms:Culture-unique human effortsCulture-refinement, mannerismCulture-civilizationCulture-shared language, belief, valuesCulture-dominant or hegemonic cultureCulture-the shifting tensions between the shared and the unshared

Citations, J .N., & Nakayama, T.K. (n.d).How Culture Influences Culture.Reggie HamiltonAleela ElimShaun Kingston

Interview #1Communication styles depends on where you're from, for example, most people from undeveloped nations socialize differently from someone in United States. When people from these culture come together they have to be very open minded about such different points of view or communication can become very difficult. -Reggie HamiltonHistory and tradition help provide guidance. Values often conflict among partipants n international assistance projects in which future-oriented individuals show a lack of respect for traditional ways of doing things. (Kluckhohn & Strodtback)The book and the indivdual that I interviewed has similar views on why it's important to be sensitive while communicating with cultures.

Interview #3I believe that behavior plays a big role when communicating with people from differnt cultures. In my country (Kenya) the women behavior patterns are totally different from the women in United States. I'm learning to not be so judgemental even though American women have different morals, values and believes then my cultures. After being in US for years, I now know that I just had to adapt to my new environment (which is the American culture). I learned that being able to speak a person culture will influence communication.-Aleela Elim

Intercultural Communication Sherina Scott Silla


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