Intercultural Communication Beyond Barriers

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Intercultural Communication Beyond Barriers

Why is it important to be sensitive to cultures?

"It's important to be sensitive to cultures because things that mean one thing in one culture could mean something else in another. Therefore it's important to be sympathetic and aware of others."-Reyes 12 Feb. 2015"Being sensitive to cultures during communication is very important because again, it's all about how anyone you communicate interprets what you say. So regarding culture, personally I would not want to speak on someone else's culture if I know nothing about it or am not able to relate."-Valdes 13 Feb. 2015"In this country, we have people from all over the world. We are built on freedom of expression, and we embrace tolerance and open mindedness. It's important to show acceptance and to include other cultures."-Guzman 14 Feb. 2015


Intercultural CommunicationBeyond Barriers

How does culture influence communication?

"Every culture expresses themselves in different ways. We use different words to communicate and express certain thoughts and feelings."-Reyes 12 Feb. 2015"I believe culture influence or better yet impacts communication due to people's different lifestyles based on their specific culture. It is also affects how they present themselves or how it is interpreted by the person they are communicating."-Valdes 13 Feb. 2015"In American cultures, people can express themselves more freely and communicate openly. Other cultures, are not encouraged to express themselves openly or freely. In fact, in some, great reverence and respect for elders is demanded and women cannot express themselves freely."-Guzman 14 Feb. 2015

"Cultural influences communication. All cultural groups influence the ways in which their members experience and perceive the world."-Martin, 41

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Experiencing Intercultural Communication


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