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Interactive Displays

Pros Vs. ConsSome of the pros to having an Interactive Display tool would be the ability to select, zoom in, and change the view by the touch of a finger. A con to Interactive Displays would be the power and responsibilties that come along with it. When young children are working with Interactive Displays a lot of supervison will be needed for safety issues.


How This Tool Can Be Used...This tool has been used by government to display and deploy armed forces and using satellite imagery and geomapping to examine the terrain of any location in the world. Another use for it could be an office presentations. Also in the classroom a techer could use it to allow her students to work on more advanced websites as she observed them. A teacher would have the ability to enlarge anything and allow the students to work together or seperate right in front of her eyes.

Who Will Benefit?This technology tool will benefit all students and teachers K-12. It will allow them to move quickly with just a touch of a finger. Also it will benefit people in the workfore doing presentations.

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This tool itegrates touch technology with geomapping and gesture recognition to make maps come alive for kinesthetic students. This technolgy allows the operator to zoom in, and change views with the movement of your hand or touch of a finger.

How The Tool Works...


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