Intelligent Behaviour

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Intelligent Behaviour

Intelligent Behaviour byRoss PhinneyMED560

Listening to Others – Understanding & Empathy In both wood and metals class I let the students know they will make mistakes. It is OK we can all learn from mistakes.

Checking for Accuracy & PrecisionMetals class is all about precision and accuracy. Students are reuired to measure and build certain parts to 0.001"A piece of paper is 0.003".

Ingenuity, Originality, Insightfulness: CreativityProjects are open ended as much as possible. Design a table, a mask of steel, a sign. Students find solutions to a project title, they are not give a set of plans to follow. They are given a set of problems to solve.

Persistence: Do Not Give UpVery often things go wrong. What you thought would work doesn't. It is like mistakes, keep trying the answer is often the next try. I try to avoid giving the best solution to them. I see if they can find it.

Flexibility in ThinkingIn our shops students are encouraged to develop new tools or methods to create their metal masks. Each mask is unique so new tools have to be made. Students cannot reach on to a shelf and find the tool.

Using all SensesAs students work through a piece in the shop, they are using their hands and eyes to inspect the work. They listen to the sound of a machine or the striking of a hammer and you can always tell where you are by the smell in the air.


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