Intelligence Types

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Intelligence Types

Intelligence Types

Spatial Intelligence

I'm Adolf Loos. I am one of the most influential modern architects, and have done alot to advance the field of modern architecture using my excellent spatial intelligence.


Logical Mathematical

I'm Zora Neale Hurston, and I grew up in the rural town of Eatonville. With no acclaimed teachers or experienced writers, I was still able to make myself into the famous writer that I'm known as today.

My name is Ludwig Van Beethoven. I was one of the most famous classical composers of all time, despite being famously deaf. My ability to imagine the music I composed without hearing it demonstrated my incredible musical intelligence.

Hello, my name is Aristotle. I was a philosopher who came up with the idea of the atom thousands of years before microscopes and as such has incredible existential intelligence.

Hi again, my name is Ian Cheney. I'm sure you remember me; I came to your school and demonstrated my project of farming in the back of my truck. In doing this Idemonstrated my concern with the environment, which comes from my naturalistic intelligence.






Hi, I'm Barack Obama; I am the president of the United States of America, and as such have needed to possess good interpersonal intelligence to convince voters to elect me. As seen in this video, my ability to move people is very indicative of my level of intelligence.

I'm Emily Dickinson. I was a poet who isolated myself for many years. I showed great insight into my own emotions and as such, displayed great intrapersonal intelligence.


I am Stephen Hawking; I'm one of the greatest minds alive today, specializing in the area of quantum physics. I am unable to move and express myself naturally, so all of my brain power is devoted to math and science, which I excel at.

Hi, I'm Roger Federer; I'm one of the world's most talented athletes, and as seen in the video, I exhibit incredible bodily-kinesthetic intellegence.


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