Intellectual Disability

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Intellectual Disability

-Intellecutal disability affects about 2-3% of the general population. -It is a generalized neurodevelopmental disorder.-Characterized by significally impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning.-Subdivided into syndromic intellectually disability and non-syndromic intellectual disability.-Terms chosen for this condition are eventually perceived as an insult.-Diagnosed by an assessment of IQ and adaptive behavior.


Intellectual Disability


-Encourage the family to learn and understand the skills needed to support and encourage their child with an intellectual disability. -Encourage the child's therapists to work with the child in and outside of the classroom.

-Learn slower than a typical child.-Delay in oral language.-Deficit in memory skills.-Difficulty learning social rules.-Difficulty with problem solving.-Lack of social inhibitors.-Delay in self-help skills.

-Language and social skills are a core component of behavioral management.-I would encourage one-to-one training with a therapist.-Use pictures and visual aids around the classroom for class rules, materials, and lesson plans.-Encourage social inclusion with non-disabled peers. Having a child with an intellectual disability work in a group with their peers.-Model, Model, Model-Use positive reinforcement




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