Intellectual Disabilities

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Intellectual Disabilities

The American Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilitieshttp://aaidd.org202-387-1968This organization provides informational resources, publications, and holds conferences.

What can I do for students with intellectual disabilities?

Where can I learn more?

The ARCwww.thearc.org32 local chapters in Texaswww.thearcoftexas.org512-454-6694This organization provides numerous resources advocacy, programs, services, and supports.

Texas Parent to Parent unique organization matches parents with other local parents to provide support, in addition to offering trainings, conferences, and other resources.

Intellectual Disabilities

Intellectual disabilities are characterized by significant deficits in two areas: 1) intellectual functioning (usually measured by an IQ test) 2) adaptive behaviors (skills learned and used in everyday life such as interpersonal skills, responsibility, ability to follow rules, personal care, safety, use of a telephone, use of money, etc.) * The disability originates during the developmental period, before 18 years of age. Most schools classify intellectual disabilities according to IQ level: CLASSIFICATION APPROXIMATE IQ RANGE mild 50 to 70 watch to learn more! moderate 35 to 50 severe 20 to 35 profound below 20

References, D. P., Kaufman, J. M., & Pullen, P.C. (2014). Exceptional Learners: An Introduction to Special Education (13th edition). Allyn and Bacon, Boston.

Systematic Instruction:Choose a behavior or task to teach the student, provide consistent instruction for performing the behavior, and teach foundational skills before moving on.

Functional Academics:Teach a blend of academic and functional skills. Teach skills to allow the student to become as independent as possible.

Technology:Pictures and videos can be used to model behaviors and tasks, and can serve as reminders for the student. Tools like these can help students gain independence.

Classroom Accomodations: Extended time, presenting material in alternate formats (such as verbal directions), and allowing the student to respond in alternate ways, such as dictating rather than writing answers, can all help the student learn and demonstrate learning.

Early Intervention:Intervention at an early age can help the child to be as successful as possible in development.

Reinforcement:Reinforce students for correct responses and appropriate behaviors as soon as possible to increase those behaviors.

What are intellectual disabilities?


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