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Integration Ideas

Create a page for special school or classroom events like field trips, concerts and sporting events

Have students create tutorials to demonstrate learning

Have students create an "All About Me" Glog

Create a student technology leadership page containing tips and video guides

Have students create a bio page from a historical person perspective

Create a virtual yearbook for your classroom

Create a classroom hotlist with educational links.

Use Glogster as a classroom homework or spelling page

Upload podcasts and vodcast or links to video services like TeacherTube, YouTube or SchoolTube

Let students use Glogster instead of creating traditional posters

Use to create election pages posters (Example: Student council)

Have students use Glogster to create public service announcements

Allow student to create interactive "iReports"

Create an online magazine or newspaper

Allow students to create classroom scapbooks

Create printable classroom newsletters - create and then print

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Let students create author bio pages for books read in class. Example: C.S. Lewis, Marc Brown

Create daily jounals or classroom reflection pages.

Create a classroom web page. Use the embed feature to embed your Glog in a wiki or blog page


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