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Social Studies
African-American History

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Integration Timeline

Integration Timeline

Liliana RamosPeriod 1


Florida – Antidefamation [Statute]


“To Secure These Rights.”


American Civil Right Movement


"i Have A Dream"

Boynton v. Virginia


Unlawful to print, publish, distribute by any means, any publications, handbills, booklets, etc. which tends to expose any individual or any religious group to hatred, contempt, ridicule, or abuse unless the name and address of those doing so is clearly printed on the written material. (Jim Crow

President Truman’s Committee on Civil Rights issues its 178-page report, “To Secure These Rights.” The report calls for laws requiring states to end discrimination in education, mandating a ban against discrimination in the armed services, laws to guarantee fair employment practices for blacks, repeal of poll taxes and other discriminatory voting restrictions.

In a key event of the American Civil Rights Movement, nine black students enrolled at formerly all-white Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, in September 1957, testing a landmark 1954 U.S. Supreme Court ruling that declared segregation in public schools unconstitutional.

Rosa Parks was accused of a crime because she woudnt give up her seat to a white man. She stood up for herself and said that they were breaking one of her rights, Which caused to outbreak a court case which ended in that demonstrated the potential for nonviolent mass protest to successfully challenge racial segregation and served as an example for other southern campaigns that followed.

Martin Luther King made a speech that explained what he wanted for the future and how he taught the segreation for blacks was unfair and how we should all be equal under the law and in our sociality

On December 5, the Supreme Court in Boynton v. Virginia held racial segregation in bus terminals claiming that it was unconstitunional.Bruce Boynton boarded a Trailways bus to travel to his home in Alabama. During a forty-minute stop in Richmond, Virginia, he was arrested for trespassing for sitting in the whites-only section of a bus terminal restaurant.

Rosa Parks




Jazz & Blues


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