Integrating Technology for 21st Century

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Integrating Technology for 21st Century

Essential Questions1. Who are 21st century learners? 2. Why is it important that teachers integrate technology into the classrooms and the curriculum?3. What is the most effective classroom design for integrating technology?

Benefits of Integrating Technology

My Ideal Classroom1.Paired seating- one computer per pair2. Computer available for each student (i.e. labtops, desktops, iPads, etc.).

What Do the Experts Say?Having computers and other technology in the clasroom is beneficial to the students' learning overall. In her article "Authentic Learning for the 21st Century," Marilyn M. Lombardi argues for the importance of authentic learning. She states that "today's Web-based learning enviornments give students access to many of the same resources that professionals use in their research" (Lombardi 6). Essentially, a classroom that has access to the internet and other technological advances allows students to authenticate their learning. Having students sit in pairs would ensure that they collaborated with each other when problem solving as well as use each other for ideas and suggestions.

Can I Be a 21st Century Teacher?Technology is something that I knew would become increasingly important the more that education progressed. As a high school student, I was provided with a laptop computer each year. This immediate access to technology shaped my familiarity. I consider myself "old fashioned" when it comes to technology in the classroom. I would prefer basic pencil and paper. However, I recognize the significance in using technology. The authenticity of a student's learning experience is vital to their success. Unless they feel they can relate the lesson to their own life, they will pay littel to no attention. Therefore, because I live for the success of the my students, I believe that I will be prepared to use technology as a tool to expand on my students' knowledge. Hopefully, I will be educated on how to use the technology assigned to my classroom.

21st Century Learners "Learners of the 21st century expect to be engaged in active, hands-on learning experiences" (Heinich et al. 24).


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