Integrating BYOD training

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Integrating BYOD training

Building Blocks for Constructivist Lesson- Integrating BYOD in the M.S. and H.S. Science Classroom by Debbie Dunn

Evaluate ' Revise

State objectives

Require learner participation

Utilize materialsSelect materials

ASSURE Model of Instructional Design

Kirkpatrick Evaluation Model

Level 4: Evaluate impact/results

Level 3: Evaluate Behavior/Transfer of Training

Level 2: Evaluate learning of content

Level 1: Evaluate reaction to training

Analyze learner

Start building here.

Intro: Use BYOD to review current event. Pre-evaluation survey using BYOD app.

Ineffective classroom video, BYOD polling activity, collaboration using Wiffiti app, State problem to solve (objective of training).

Collaboration, Interpretation, Contextualiza-tion, Cognitive Apprentice-ship using blog, Ever-note app ' a mid-lesson evaluation on BYOD.

Observation/ Resource study via BYOD QR code activity

Multiple Manifistations/ Application of learning in own classrooms

Assessment using Flickr, Facebook or other social media on BYOD to get peer feedback and faciliator assessment, administer post lesson evaluation survey and 6 mos. followup survey via Survery Monkey app.


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