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Integrated Tech Assignment

Suggested Resources:For how to make a glogster... information about evolution...Watch the video, "Evidence for Evolution" on the University of California, High School Biology website:

Some things never change... Studying evolution through comparitive anatomy.

Here's what you do:


1) CHOOSE: Using the phylogenetic trees in your text book and science notebook, choose ONE animal that is alive today, and ONE of its extinct ancestors.2)RESEARCH: Find out the anatomical similarities and differences of your living and extint animals. Make a chart, graph, model, or skit to demonstrate these similarities and differences. 3)FIND: Images and or videos of your animals. 4) UPLOAD: all of these things to a Glogster that you create for this project.5.) RECORD: yourself speaking, dancing, acting, explaining, or modeling in order to explain the survival advantages and disadvantages of the traits that you uncovered. Upload that to your glogster.

Ms. Troyer's Biology Class

DUE 2/20/13


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