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Number Operations

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Integers are awesome!

Some online games for Integers:. . .


Lets say I wanna find out what 6 - (-8) = Here's what I would do:Step 1: I would have to keep 6 the sameStep 2: I would have to change the minus to a plusStep 3: I would have to change the negative to a . positive 8Step 4: I would have to add 6+8=14Step 5: There's your answer! (Same thing as KCC)

When would I need integers in the real world?

Examples :5 + (-4) = 16 - (-7) = 134 - (-6) = 108 + (-4) = 4

Watch this video on Integers!

Look an integer time line!

Integers song!

When would I ever need to use this in the real world? Lets say your shopping at the mall with your friend when you spot a awesome jacket for $20! However, you only have $10. You ask your friend to help out on the money and after a lot of begging she says yes but only if you pay her back! So, you buy the jacket and a week later you give her $10. Why? Becuase 20 - (-10) = 10! See how much Integers help!


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