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Algebra I

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How you add integers is you take the two numbers and depending on the signs you add them up and you get an answer based on the number signs.

How to subtract integers is you take the one number, and depending on the sign of the number(+ or -), you subtract the other number also depending on the sign.

How you multiply integers, is you simply multiply the two numbers, and then based on the signs and values of the numbers, you get the sign to put on the final answer.

How to divide integers, is you take the two numbers, and divide like you normally would. Then you add on the correct sign depending on what two signs were on the two numbers.

How to find absolute value is you take the number or value, that looks like this; IxI, and you find the positive value for it, but if it is already positive you leave it alone.

Multiplying Integers Examples

Finding AbsoluteValue Example


Adding Integers Examples

Dividing Integers Examples

Subtracting Integers Examples

Absolute Value really is the number of places away from zero.


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