[2015] Mallory Vargas: Insurgent

by jenjaclau
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[2015] Mallory Vargas: Insurgent

Digital Storytelling

Summary:In the book Insurgent there are five in the beginning all four characters are hiding in Amity because of Jeanine Matthews who is in charge of Erudite. She discovers a box that was hidden in abnegation and find out importance of the box but theonly person who can open the secret box is a divergen. Troughout the book jeanine does everything in her power to find someone whos is 100% divergent, which is Tris. In order to give Jeanine what she wants she hurts the poeple she cares about, but with the help of the factionless and the dauntless group they try to figure out why abnegation sacrafised themselves to save this mystery box


Characters:1. Beatrice (Tris)2. Tobias(Four)3. Peter Hayes4. Caleb Prior5.Jeanine Matthews


Moral Of The StoryOne choice can transform you- or it can destroy you.


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