Insulin Shock Therapy

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Insulin Shock Therapy

Insulin Shock Therapy

Psychiatrists are the doctors qualified to be able to perform Insulin Shock Therapy. They earn around $144,020 per year. I find it Psychiarty a very interesting. I would consider persue being a Psychiartist because of how intriguing it is.

Insulin was discovered in 1922 and was tested on patients that had illnesses with unknown treatments. Dr. Manfred Sakel used insulin on patients with opiate withdrawels to help calm them down. He the was moved to the university of vienna to work on patients with schizophrenia. Sakel tested what effect insulin would have on the patients and reported that the patients would develop a stupor or coma when using large doses, which caused them to lose their psychotic thoughts. Then in the 1940's this form of therapy was being used in hospitals. Insulin Shock Therapy would be performed by Psychiatrist and hasnt been used since the 1970's.

Insulin Shock Therapy was important back then because it helped patients with schizophrenia. It may have not been the best way to help rid schizoprhenia but it did help. Since then people have found other treatments for schizoprhenia such as electroconvulsive therapy which is a bit similar to Insulin Shock Therapy. It helped researchers to look for more effective way to treat schizoprhenia.


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