Instructions for 4th grade famous person glog

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Instructions for 4th grade famous person glog

You must include the following information on your glog:1. name of your person2. The time frame of when your person lived (example: 1912-1945) What was it like during this time. The setting of the even that you are sharing.3. Using the first person write an event in your person's life. You will need to pretend you are this person and recreate an event. You must tell it in order in which it happened. You must include 5 parts to the event.4. You will need to write an observation or feeling about the event in which you discribed.

Use a background that fits your person.

If you choose to insert a picture of your person: you can use one from the Internet that is not copywrited. You need to save it to you computer and then uploaded into your glog. Make sure the picture is appropriate. You can have your picture use a talking bubble to say the information if you choose.

It is not necessary to use a you tube video. I would prefer if you did not use one.

You may use graphics to enhance your poster. It must make sense.

Correct initiial capitalization, end punctuation, capitals for proper nouns, correct sentence stucture and grammar; correct spelling.

Use different text boxes to make your poster interesting.

Make sure all of your words fit into the text box that you choose. Long paper like ones would work well for the big writing pieces.



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