Instructional Technology News October

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Instructional Technology News October

Doing More with GmailFor ideas on how to use your gmail acount more effectively, please schedule a time with me! Here are some things you may want to consider:*** Add your calendar directly in your email window - never miss appointments again.*** Filter your emails instantly without having to build filters.*** Create a custom Parent Contact group in minutes.*** Create folders to organize your emails.*** Change colors and appearance for ease of use.

GoFormativeThis tool allows you to have students participate on iPads, smartphones, computers or tablets to give quick formative data as you teach.Steps involved:Create an assignment.Assign to students.Receive Live Results.Give

Grade CamGradeCam allows you to flash assignments in front of your smartphone, tablet, webcam, or document camera. Grades will instantly populate onto your computer. You can also use results analysis for live formative

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