Instructional Technology August 2015

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Instructional Technology August 2015

Welcome Back!



Great Googly Woogly!

It is wonderful to see all of you back on our campuses! To help you find great resources for your classroom, I will be sending out this newsletter every few weeks with great trending educational sites and apps. Here's to a great school year full of technology-rich lessons!


Instructional Technology News

Plickers is a powerfully simple tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment without the need for student devices (taken directly from the website). Watch the video below to see it in action!

If you are looking for resources for your classroom, regardless of subject area, Gooru is a great place to start! With a community library showcasing lessons and activities collected by teachers around the world, you may find exactly what you are looking for, or even something better! Click the link below to visit the site.

Gooru Learning

Each newsletter will contain a short introduction to a Google App for Education. This time I am highlighting Google Drive--a fantastic way to share files. Your school Google account (your email address and password) allows you access to an UNLIMITED Google Drive Space. Some ideas for using Drive:1. Share very large files (video/photos) in seconds.2. Backup your hard drive -- no more lost files if your computer crashes!3. Quit losing/breaking CDs and flashdrives.4. Collaborate with fellow teachers in real time.For more information on how to effectively use your Drive account, set up a time for me to come work with you!

Tara Poolson*Instructional Technologist, PRCSD*Google Certified Trainer*Certified Google Educator


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