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Spencer Kelly Instagram

ImpactInstagram has become THE way for people to share pictures with the world.


Financial Standings -Since there are no advertisements that are pushed to the forefront of the app experience; Instagram collects no revenue

Features-Photo and Video Sharing -Posting to Other Social Media Sites/Apps -Photo and Video Editing -Direct Messaging-Ability to Search and Find Intresets -Cross Phone Platform Avalibility

Photographers young and old are able to showcase their work all over the globe and get people's feedback instantly.

People are now more than ever, able to connect with new circles of people that share the same affinity for any hobby or instrest in the world.

History The app was first founded on October 6th, 2010 by creators Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger. The app was an immediate success following its release and in only two moths it had over 1 million users. In the year 2011 Instagram his other milestone achievements such as 150 millionth upload and a 10 million strong user base. It has since been aquired by Facebook for the small total of $1 billion. The app has been growing ever since its inception 5 years ago and shows no signs of halting anytime soon.


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