Inspirations and Influences Music Videos.

by briony96
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Inspirations and Influences Music Videos.

This video has to be one of them most iconic to ever have been made. It was released in a film format, and emphasises upon the importance of a strong narrative. I particularly find it amazing how viewers can stay entertained throughout the whole 13 minutes that it lasts.

Being a huge Mcfly fan, I love every one of their videos. However, this one really stands out to me as their most iconic. I love the DIY feel that it presents, as well as the story that it tells, of a visual timeline of the band’s history. I consider it to be well thought through and I like the way that it appeals to fans, as if they are ‘thanking them.’

This is one of my absolute favourites. I find it really exciting, and am amazed that a video of this quality was made over 25 years ago. The effects used in it are very modern and technical, which I find to be really interesting.

I really love this music video. It revolves around people’s 'dirty little secrets' which they write upon cards and show to the camera, sometimes anonymously. I find this a really simple yet clever technique, and the way that it is edited allows a variety of stories to be told.

This music video is one that I remember well from my childhood. I used to find it quite creepy, due to the storyline, costumes and locations. However, I now consider it as being very effective and creative, and I really love the video.

This video has a really natural, folksy feel, which I love. Again, a DIY feel comes across, which makes it seem more realistic, and also provides more intimacy with the musician. I find the locations to be particularly beautiful, and I like how we follow Howard on his journey throughout it.



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