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Language Arts

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Inspiration App

Each version of Inspiration gives users the opportunity to easily produce their own virtual brainstorming diagram by allowing users to: create and link thought bubbles; insert images; and move the bubbles, arrows, and images around in order to effectively organize their thoughts.



The utilization of Inspiration by students has yielded numerous positive outcomes , especially with regard to the enhancement of literacy skills. In this area, students develop stronger reading comprehension, thinking, organizational, and communication skills.

Inspiration is one of the many present day brainstorming and mind mapping applications that can be utilized by individuals of all ages and abilities. There are three versions available for users: "Kidspiration Maps" (grades K-5), "Inspiration Maps" (grades 4 and up), and "Inspiration 9" (grades 6-adult). Its programs and features make it easy for any teacher to apply each UDL principle.

Inspiration can be useful in any classroom as it can be utilized in any subject and it meets the individual needs of all leaners.

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