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Insperational Music Videos

Queen- Bohemian RhapsodyGenre: Progressive RockStyle/Duration: 6.07Editing Style: Starts off slow and quick cuts are introduced as the song continues. It is editied to the pace of the song.Audience Appeal: Queen is a world famous band, it's also a song that everyone has heard of which attracts fans on all ages.Subject Matter: Freddie Mercury's life/SexualityHow it inspires me: This is one of the msot well known music video in history and I grew up listening to Queen. I also like the subject behind the video as people can relate to it more now than they could when the song was first released.

Inspirational Music Videos

On Top of The World- Imagine DragonsGenre: Alternative RockStyle/Duration: 4.02Editing Style: Audience Appeal:Subject Matter: Living life the best that you canHow it inspires me: I like the message behind the video, that everyone should life to the best of their ablilities.

Wildest Dreams- Taylor SwiftGenre: PopStyle/Duration: 3.55Editing Style: Quick cuts with a variety of slow pased shots, Cuts to the beat of the music.Audience Appeal: Taylor Swift is a well known artist and this video sexualises her quite a lot which is why it could be appealing to the audience.Subject Matter: Doomed Relationships/ Not being ready to let go of a relationship.How it inspires me: Although this video has not been out very long, the message is relatable to some people, I like the use of animlas such as the lion to show the strengh of the male lead.

Not The Only One- Sam SmithGenre: Indie PopStyle/Duration: 4.40Editing Style: Slow pacedAudience Appeal: Relatable for the audience and Sam Smith is a well known artist and people like to relate to an artist that they feel like they know.Subject Matter: Loving someone even if they have done wrong.How it inspires me: The video creates a message about love which is very true andm the audience can relate to it.

Same Love- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat Mary LambertGenre: Hip HopStyle/Duration: 7.04Editing Style: Audience Appeal: Audience can relate to the song and the meaning behind it.Subject Matter: Sexuality How it inspires me: The song and video both give off a good mesage, and is inspirational for people who struggle with their sexuality.


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