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Insignia: Book Report

Insignia is set in the near future, and describes the events of World War III. The earth’s natural resources are becoming scarce, and the world is ridden with disease and extreme climate change. The author invisions that by this time, humans will have the technology to have wars that take place completely throughout outer space. This novel is told through the perspective of a 14 year old boy named Tom Raines. He is being raised by his father, who has become homeless due to his addiction to gambling. Tom doesn’t do well in school and has very few real friends. However, there is one thing that he is extraordinarily skilled at: virtual reality games. Virtual reality is a computer generated simulation that gives the illusion that you are in a real life situation. Wires connected to your brain give you three dimensional sensory input.One day, Tom gets the opportunity of a lifetime. General Terry Marsh, a leading general of the Intrasolar Forces, has noticed the boy’s exceptional talents. The General reaches out and asks Tom if he wants to be trained at the Pentagonal Spire, a secret military base where teenagers train to fight in World War III. Tom’s father is extremely resistant, claiming that the military “chews people up and spits them back out.” Ignorant as to what lies ahead, Tom finally manages to convince his dad to let him join.

Book Plot

Tom Raines is a fourteen year old, blonde-haired boy. He is brave, egotistical and slightly conceited. His best talent is being outstanding in virtual reality games.

Main Character:


• How war & violence negatively effects peoples’ mental and physical health. • Man vs Man• Man vs Himself.

What if the government's secret weapon is... YOU?


by S. J. Kinkaid


This dystopian novel is set in the near future, during World War III.

April Owens

Book Cover

Book Product December 2015


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